How safe is it to live here with the volcano? 

As long as we heed advice from the authorities and do not enter designated unsafe areas we will be okay.  The local radio station provides excellent updates from the Montserrat Volcano Observatory as may be necessary.
What do people do for fun on Montserrat?

You can do a lot or kick back and do not much at all... what do you like to do?  Options include hiking and exploring, beach picnics, visits to the museum and Montserrat National Trust, private chef catering, a visit to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory or simply curling up with a great book in the comfort of your lounge chair.

Will people be able to return to live in Richmond Hill and Foxes Bay?  

Not for the immediate future as the roads are not good and utilities have been suspended as those areas are too close to the hazards posed by the volcano. However this is a part of the day time entry zone and you may enter with a tour guide
Can you get fresh fruit and vegetables?  

Local farmers usually have a small supply which is supplemented by shipments  from Dominca on a weekly basis.
How do you feel about living with an active volcano?
We are comfortable as we have a team of professional volcanologists who keep us updated and ensure that we have all the information we need to keep safe. The volcano has been quiet for more than two years now. Where ash goes depends on the direction in which the wind blows... many times we have had no ash on Montserrat as it has travelled to other places like Antigua and other neighbouring islands.